What To Look For In A Wrongful Termination Attorney
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  • 2023

When facing a wrongful termination case, it is crucial to pick the best representative. A competent wrongful termination attorney shall help build solid evidence and increase your chances of winning. Many factors and characteristics must be considered during the selection process. These include local experience, credentials, and communication skills.

But first, what makes a termination wrongful?

Wrongful Termination as Defined by Law

In many states, it is legal to terminate an employee without notice or warning. But that doesn’t mean employers can fire people just because they want to. It is illegal to fire someone due to race, gender, religion, age, and other discriminatory reasons.

Retaliation is another reason a termination can be considered unlawful. This is when your employer let you go after reporting a sexual harassment issue, taking legitimate sick leave, or filing a personal injury claim. If you can prove that you have been fired for any of these reasons, you can receive a compensation for the damage it caused.

Things to Look For in a Competent Wrongful Termination Attorney

Your employer is sure to have their own legal team who will defend them. Without a wrongful termination attorney fighting for your rights, you will be in a disadvantageous position. So, how do you choose the right attorney? Assess candidates through these criteria.

  • Credentials – Among the primary things you should check are credentials. Does the attorney have an educational background in employment law? Does he or she have a lot of experience handling wrongful termination cases? Attorneys who are passionate and dedicated to their area of practice are often part of professional organizations, have ongoing education, and are involved in pro bono activities.
  • Local Area Knowledge – It’s imperative that your lawyer has a lot of local area knowledge since federal laws on employment aren’t the only rules that exist. You have to understand that each state and local ordinances may also have employment regulations. The most experienced attorneys know the local laws and nuances that may affect your case.
  • Comfort Level – Do you feel comfortable talking with the attorney during the first encounter? Feeling at ease with your lawyer matters because you are entrusting that person with confidential and even sensitive information. If you have a trustworthy attorney, you should be confident to ask questions and express concerns. That’s because your lawyer communicates in a clear, empathetic, and professional manner. Because of this, the initial consultation is always crucial.
  • Communication – The best wrongful termination attorneys often handle several cases at once. So, communication may not be as instant as you expect. Still, you want someone who will not make you wait for many days or weeks for a reply. A firm’s communication style can be assessed right at the beginning. They should be able to respond to your query or do follow-ups after the consultation in a reasonable amount of time.

If you think you have been a victim of wrongful termination whether due to discrimination or retaliation, don’t hesitate to seek legal assistance. Reach out to us today and let our experienced and compassionate attorneys help.

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