How Discrimination Rules Apply To Probationary Employees
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  • 2023

When someone starts a new job, they often have a period where they are learning and being tested. This is known as being a probationary employee. During this time, they should be treated fairly like other workers. Discrimination rules are there to protect workers from unfair treatment. This includes probationary employees. They have the same rights as others when it comes to discrimination.

Being new doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to be treated badly. They are not to be treated differently because of who they are, where they come from, or other personal reasons. The rules against discrimination apply to all employees, even if they are just starting.

Rights from the Start

Probationary employees have rights from their very first day. This means they should not be discriminated against for things like their race, gender, age, or if they have a disability. They should be allowed to show what they can do in their new job.

If someone is treated unfairly during their probation period, they can speak up. They have the right to be heard and their issue looked into. It’s important for employers to remember this and to treat probationary employees with fairness.

Fair Treatment in Training and Feedback

During probation, employees often get training and feedback to help them do their job well. This training should be given to everyone in the same way. If a probationary employee feels they are not getting the same chances to learn as others, this might be discrimination.

Feedback should also be fair. It should be about the work, not about personal things. If feedback is unfair or someone is not given a chance to improve, this could be a sign of discrimination.

Evaluations and Opportunities

The evaluation should be fair when it’s time to see if a probationary employee will stay on the job. It should be based on how they have done their work. If they are doing a good job, they should be kept on like anyone else. If they feel they have been let go for a reason that’s not about their work, they might have been discriminated against.

Opportunities for new jobs or promotions should also be open to probationary employees if they qualify. They should be able to apply and be considered fairly, just like other employees.

Support and Protections

Probationary employees should know they have support and protection. If they feel they are being treated unfairly, there are places they can go for help. This could be their boss, someone in human resources, or an outside group that helps with workers’ rights.

They should feel safe speaking up without worrying that they will be treated even worse. The rules against discrimination are there to protect them and make sure they are treated with respect.

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